Australian Staffordshire Bull Terriers



I've designed this site so people from both Australia and the world can see the valuble breeding contributions made to the breed by Australian breeders.

I have also included infomation that you should find useful when deciding to buy a stafford.Including forums,the standard and a few other things you should find interesting reading.

The Black Dog on the right is Australian Champion:Hadjibah High Voltage, owned by Powerpaws Kennel<


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Why Choose A Staffy
A quick check of Australian and World-Wide staffordshire registrations quickly demonstrates how popular the staffordshire bull terrier has>

So what makes Staffordshire Bull Terriers so popular?

Staffies are popular for a variety of reasons, some of these include:
They are clean and easy to look after
The breed as a whole is very sound with very little, to almost no breed related health problems,
They are very capable for thier size ,strong and surprisingly atheletic.
They are very people friendly. A stafford thats aggressive towards humans, is a rare stafford
>They are versaltile,equally at home sitting quietly in the backyard with children as roughing it with it's owners on a camping trip.
They are also very loyal and willing to please.
They are also quite intelligent, responding well to obedience training.

Stafford History and Modern Day Implications
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier originated in Great Britian, were dogs of "Bull" and "terrier" combinations were his immediate ancestors.

This combination gave these dogs the strength of the bulldog and spirit of the terrier that made it very popular as a fighting dog. They were also used in other forms of barbaric sports, such as bull baiting, which was banned and declared illegal by Great Britians Humane Society in 1833. Dog fighting was also banned soon after bullbaiting was made illegal, however took considerably more time to enforce such was the popularity of the activity.

The stigma attached to the Stafford and others like him,such as the Bull Terrier and American Staff ,has been one that has been hard for the breed to overcome.

There are of course, even after many years of being made illegal, people who train thier dogs to fight(most comonly fighting breeds) and to be savage.

When then,these dogs are allowed to wander streets and come into contact with people and thier pets, do as any breed of dog trained to be a killer, attack.

Understandably then,these dogs are declared dangerous and are put down. Where one can then only wonder what the animal may have been like if it was bbought up as a family pet.

This animal however could have been any breed of dog. A Pitbull or a Poodle, if the animal is trained in such a way he will act in such a way, regardless of breed.

It does seem intresting that some of the more popular breeds that are the culprits behind many more attacks on humans are not subject to the same implications, that "fighting breeds" are.

So when a dog that is classified as a "fighting breed" , attacks a person, It cover's the pages of newspapers and televisions across the world.
Why is this? It is because he is a fighting dog, which automatically even if the dog had'nt have done anything, allows people to make thier opinions of him
"Thats a Pitbull or Staffy they were bred for fighting thier bad news". The dog might be the sweetest animal they may have had the pleasure of knowing, but this pre conceived notion that all fighting dogs are killers seems to cloud thier judgement.

Together with Media Pressure from the hype created from "fighting breed" attacks on people.Aurtorities are forced to do something about it, and so Breed Specific Legislation is introduced (like in Germany) to make it seem as though they are addressing the problem.

However Breed Specific Legislation dosent address the need to protect the public from dangerous dogs, as any breed of dog can be dangerous, if that is what it's owner intend for it to be.

What Breed Specific Legislation is saying is that, these breeds are the ones attacking people and as soon as they are completely removed from society the public will no longer be at risk from dog attacts.

But what even the average person will notice that other dogs too attack and injure and sometimes kill people, so how has this solved the problem?


What the Aurtorities need to concentrate thier energies into is targeting the owners, who are in 90% of the time the people who shape the dog that they own. There are of course just plain aggressive animals but these dogs are found in every breed.

So when all is said and done it really comes down to responsible ownership.

Talk to The people who own them!!!
The best way to get a really good idea about what staffys are like, is to talk to the people who own them.

You can read about them on sites like this or books, but the best way to acquire a good knowledge as to what they are like is to talk to people about the personal experience's they have come across.

Most stafford owners are a wealth of infomation as once they get one they are usually totally engrosed in the breed and love to know more and share thier thoughts and ideas!


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